It´s a wrap + how my vegan diet looks like

When something is new and when something is unknown, there is always questions for me. Questions like how, why, and what for?


I like questions, cause it makes me think and I love to stay curious, and have always been seeking to learn more. I often end up spending hours and hours, diving into a new topic, trying to get beneath the surface and discover the worlds that open up underneath.  

I believe that knowledge really is power, if it’s used.

When i started my vegan journey, just a couple of months ago, I didn't know so much about it. Now i do - after a lot of reading. I added it to my yoga practice, and running routines on the beach. It feels like a whole, fulfilling lifestyle. There are challenging parts, as there always are with new things.

But i really love the creative part, and the part that we can make a difference in our health and the health of the planet, too.

But you don’t need to be fully vegan, to make a difference - you can take babysteps to cut down on meat.

There are vegans, vegetarians, semi vegetarians, pesco vegetarians, lacto ovo vegetarians, ovo vegetarians and lacto vegetarians.

Let´s take a closer look; 


// Vegetarians and vegan

Vegetarians | Their diet doesn't´t include fish, poultry or meat

Lacto ovo vegetarians | lac og ovo, means milk and eggs in latin. This is the most common type, and eggs and dairy products are included

Lacto vegetarians | eat milk products

Ovo vegetarians | eat eggs

Pesco vegetarians | eat fish and seafood

Semi vegetarians | tend to cut out red meat, and cut down on the consumption of fish and poultry

vegan | only plant derived food. no animal products, dairy or eggs. some include honey in their diet

 \\ what is a vegetarian and vegan diet is based on?










The questions I get, are usually these; are you eating enough food? Yes, there is so much you can eat. I have tried new vegetables, grains and legumes i have never had before. i have become more conscious about what fruits and vegetables are in season, and you start to look for new vegetables in the farmers market or supermarket that you haven't cooked with before. That´s exciting for me. As for the protein part, there is protein in plant food, and many people don't know that.

And there is a lot in super foods too. Did you know that hemp seed, and quinoa is very high in protein?

And, i'm not always hungry, or, i am very often - but I have always been..;)

#food (emoji heart heart) 

// how to educate yourself

My greatest tip if you do want to learn more about veganism, or vegetarians is to read books. Search online. See videos on youtube. Also look on raw/vegan food blogs for inspiration and motivationand watch this; COWSPIRACY

\\ Some of my favorite food blogs

These are some of the amazing blogs i often go to for inspiration. They are so great visually and whether you are a vegan/vegetarian or not, your mouth will water while you look at the pictures (the deserts... yum..) ·  mynewroots· greenkitchenstories · rawmazing · thisrawsomeveganlife

If you want to see a cool  girl make raw, vegan food; you have to watch laura· imlauramiller  

// a vegan day in my life

I drink a lot of smoothies with raw protein blend and super foods. Drink green juices. I love wraps and salads, because it is so versatile, and you can put anything in there. And i make berry and fruit salads with buckwheat and super foods. I want to share the wrap i go to most these days, which is a collard green leaf wrap. And its so good. Another twist, if you don't find a big whole green leaf in the store, buy the broken one- cause after all, what did that leaf do wrong.. You can use nori sheet under, and just use the greens you find on top

// persimmons

I use persimmon in the wrap, because we are in a relationship obviously these days.. On facebook it would actually be more like ; in a `complicated relationship`, cause I love them, but i can´t seem to wait for them to ripe. Have you eaten an unripe persimmon?

you know what i am talking about

// taste

It´s like an apricot, but with more spicy notes. Persimmons are in season now, fall/winter. they are delicious, when they are ripe. If you eat them when they are not, they can feel very dry in your mouth, funny feeling- just like a very unripe green banana. There are some persimmons that are smaller in size, and are supposed to be firm. They are crisper when you eat them, and delicious

//health benefits

Fiber, Vitamin A, betacarotene vitamin C, kalium phosporus.

Persimmons have a lot of great antioxidants, from vitamin a, betacarotene and vitamin c, and minerals. They are a great fiber source. Vitamin A is the `eye vitamin`. But its also great for your skin. Many take vitamin a, if they have acne problems, and against wrinkles. Vitamin c, is also great for the skin. It plays a very important role in the production of collagen! This is the protein that keeps the skin firm, and after we turn twenty-five years old, this production slows down (sadly..) So we need to take those c-vitamins 

//the grains 

The filling part in this wrap, is the complex carbs and protein from the grain mix; witch is the buckwheat, millet and quinoa. They are so nutritious and tastes awesome 

· buckwheat |

it`s a seed, and not a whole grain. many believe it is related to wheat but its not, and it´s gluten free. the taste is sweet with earthy notes of nuts. lots of amazing health benefits

· millet | this is a gluten free whole grain. the taste has notes of corn and nuts and the consistency is fluffy when they are cocked

· quinoa | is pronounced [kee-wah] and is actually a fruit of a herb, and not a grain. it`s gluten free and contains lots of protein and calcium. the taste is bitter to slightly sweet. it has earthy notes of couscous, herbs and nuts//how to cook grainsthe most important part is rinsing. you want to rinse all of these thoroughly, till the water running through your fine strainer is clear. when you cook them you want to use a water, grain ratio of 1:2. boil water and add in the grain mix. reduce the heat and put a lid over it. you want this to simmer for approximately twenty minutes. then you take the pot aside, and let it absorb the water for five minutes 

//collard green leaf wrap recipe

1 serving

  • 1 collard greens and / or nori sheet – if you don't find collard green leaf, buy some other leafs, and put them in a nori sheet. the more green color your leaves have, the more nutritional benefits you get

  • 1/4 persimon

  • 1/2 avocado

  • 1/2 spring onion

  • sprouts, i used alfa sprouts but sunflower sprouts is also great, both amazing on enzymes

  • 1/2 collard green leaf, cut up in small sizes

  • grain mix of buckwheat, red- and white quoin, millet

  • 1/2 tbsp olive oil

  • pinch himalayan salt

  • lemon juice

Lay out you collard green leaf on a plate (with our without the nori sheet under). place the grain mix on top. i always cook a lot, and put the extra in the fridge in a container. so put as much as you prefer into your wrap. place your avocado, persimmon, spring onion, cut up pieces of greens and sprouts on top. drizzle with olive oil, lemon juice and salt // recipe variation if you feel a little cheesy one day, which i often do, you can make a cheese flavored grain mix. the cheese flavor and the grain mix pair great together. it gives it an amazing taste, and the roll feels more  like comfort food 

// cheese filling recipe

  • grain mix

  • lemon juice

  • tamari

  • nutritional yeast

  • himalayan salt

  • honey

 Stir the wet ingredients with the already cooked grains in a glass, and place it into the collard green leaf, with the rest of the ingredients since we don't have measuring cups etc. here in venice, i can't tell exactly how much i put in, i just taste and see if i like it. and even if i had, i probably wouldn't use them anyways. that´s the fun part of cooking, nothing ever taste the same how to wrap a wrap;


Malin Ekstrøm