I did a juice cleance from Pressed juicery, this is how it went


Why should you do a juice cleanse? 

  • Your digestive system gets a break

  • The cleanse removes toxins in your body

  • The cleanse can increase the ph-level

  • The cleanse gives your system powerful nutrients and antioxidants

  • The cleanse helps clear up your skin

i’m going to make this a short post…because i dont have the energy to make this a long one! i’m joking. I have actually felt very good on this cleanse, even though it´s been said that you can get light-headed and lack of energy. it’s a very green cleanse, meaning a lot of vegetable juice and not very much fruit juice. It is very low in kcal. But it´s been great. Even been working out. The last juice every day is a nutmilk, made of brazil nut, and sweetend with dates – and that is an amazing way to finish your days

//The six juices i drink on the cleanse in a day;·

greens 1 | kale | spinach | romaine | parsley | cucumber | celery·

citrus 1 | cucumber | pineaple | lemon | coconutwater | aloe vera·

greens 2 | kale | spinach | romaine | parsley | cucumber | celery | apple | lemon·

greens 1 |  kale | spinach | romaine | parsley | cucumber | celery·

greens 3 | | kale | spinach | romaine | parsley | cucumber | celery | apple | lemon | ginger

Brazil nut | kale | spinach | romaine | brazil nut | vanilla bean | dates  | sea salt 

There is also a h20 with aloe vera, and lemon and cayenne water that you drink before bed and throughout the day 


DetoxMalin Ekstrøm