Smoothie popsicles and a day at Catalina island

This morning was the kind of morning when you just feel the rush. The rush of, having to be somewhere at a very particular time. The rush of, the boat will leave the bay without us if we don’t move fast! But for those who know me, there is no way I am going anywhere without eating first, especially my favorite meal; the breakfast!

Luckily, I remembered I had made a smoothie bowl a few days before.  I always  make too much, but I usually eat all the leftovers. But this time, I didn’t.

I had purchased popsicle molds the week before, and when I was looking at my leftover smoothie, I figured, “why not freeze it?”

So I poured the mix into the molds, and I’m so glad I did! These smoothie popsicles were the perfect on-the-go breakfast/treat for a morning rush like this. We ate them in the car—and we made it onto the boat in time to go to catalina!

I make up new smoothie recipes almost every day, using whatever’s handy (almost everything can be blended in a Vitamix, seriously, which is awesome).

This particular ‘smooth-cicle’ was made of my favorite acai smoothie bowl.

| Recipe |

• mango

• banana

• cherries

• blackberries

• blueberries

• acai powder

• water / coconut water / kombucha|

Directions |

• Mix all ingrediens in a vitamix or another strong blender, until smooth. You can use whatever fruit and berries you have in freezer of course. All my ingrediens where frozen, and I start with a small amount of liquid cause you want the smoothie to be firm. Pour it into the molds and let it freeze into delicious healthy 'smooth-sicles'.


| catalina |

Santa catalina, catalina island or just catalina—it goes by many names, but no matter what name you call it, it’s spectacular…. And only a quick one hour boat trip from laguna beach. The ocean was as clear and blue as the sky this day as we headed from the port to the island. And wow, catalina island is definitely worth exploring.  There were so many perfect holiday moments. Like looking over european harbours. Walking in to cute little shops.

And of course dipping our toes in water after walking on the beaches—some are sandy, and others are rocky. just walking around here puts a smile on your face and makes you feel as if you are far, far away from city life… What a magical day. We started with ‘smooth-cicles’ and ended up watching the sun set off the back of the boat as we headed back to la. And back to the real world.