Some thoughts on beauty inside | outside

I´ve been working in the beauty business for many years, focused on hair, skin and makeup.

I know how to make your eyes bigger, your skin more glowing, and even how to get those wrinkles under your eyes to appear smaller and make your hair shinier in an instant.

I have to test all those beauty products out, so i know what they feel like on your skin, and how much coverage that foundation will have etc. There are a lot of products at my place, and friends love coming over for spa night

But when i started nutrition school, I reflected back on all those years, and realized there is a clear link between internal and external beauty. We often forget about that because we all want the quick fix. But when all the makeup comes off, how do you really feel?

I came to notice that empowering my body with healthy nutritious food  played a huge role in feeling and being the best me.

A healthy nutritious diet, can really make you glow, clear your skin, boost your confidence and give you a lot of energy- and your body will thank you later!

The biggest lightbulb moment for me was when we learned how we are what we eat in nutrition school. And yes, i have heard that so many times, and so have you - but that moment i really got it!

We truly are what we eat, everything we put into our body builds up our bloodcells, bones, skin etc. You get the picture.

//How to make small changes today

Your habits are what leads us to the decisions we make, when it comes to food and everything else. They say it takes about three weeks to change a habit. So when changing the way you eat, it takes time. I would focus on these steps for a more beautiful you, inside and out;·  

  1. Get enough sleep

  2. Start your day with a delicious healthy breakfast. #Breakfastinpo | Smoothie bowl, smoothie, cereal and coconutyoughurt, green juice, avocado toast

  3. Have a bottle of water with you at all times

  4. Eat a healthy lunch #lunchinspo | Green leaf salad with quionoa or beans, dinner leftovers, and extra salad are some great options. (Tip; there are also great containers on the market so you can carry soup with you, and keep it warm - or cold if you eat raw soups) or a smoothie

  5. Always bring a healthy snack with you #snackinpso | Apple and homemade almondbutter. Fruit or veggie salad. Superfood mix like hemp, mulberry, goji and cacao nibs. Energy balls or bars 

  6. Do some sort of exercise each day, outside, could be a thirty minute walk·

  7. smile!

Healthy food and what it does to your body in short and long therm is amazing. i'm not saying that you should stop using product. i love how it feels after a long day to take a bath and enjoy my favorite skin products- we all have our go-to favorite products that make us feel good. We love the smell and feel, and we look forward to that moment of taking care of our selves. Makeup is also fun, and very creative. it´s about finding a balance between the inside and outside beauty

//My favorite products and skin care routine

I always cleanse my face, morning and night. That way the skin is clean and ready to absorb serums and the creams that goes on top. When there is sun, i always use spf 50. Sun is the worst for pre-aging. 

| skin care routine | day and night |

· cleansing

· serum/concentrate/ampoules

· eye cream

· cream· (spf in the sun)

| a couple of times i week |

· enzymatic exfoliant

· repair or hydrating mask 

// vitamin c concentrate

  • c-vitamins are an antioxidant,  and also great in the process of making collagen, which is the protein that firms our skin. you want to put this on after cleansing or exfoliating you skin. the product has smaller molecules that a cream and can penetrate further down in your skin


  • These are even more concentrated than serums and concentrates. You usually use them as a cure, over maby one - four weeks. They´ll boost up your skin with hydration, oxygen and anti-aging ingredients. They are packed in glass bottles to stay extra fresh. There are many different types, and right now i love the revitalizing oxygen fluids. You also want to put this on after cleansing or exfoliation, preferably before you go to bed, with a cream or mask on top on as well as eye cream


// Eye cream

  • This eye cream is very new on the marked. it´s so good, and the smell is amazing. it works on darks circles, under eye bags and lines. you want to use a eye cream and not just a regular facial cream because the skin under your eyes are very thin/

//Sunmakeup spf 50

  • This is a makeup product with spf 50, we love two in one products


\\Body product

  • These body products smell so good! I really like good shower foams and body creams, and other subtle smells. This one is my favorite and have been for a while